3D Secure 1 was 
ridiculously non-user-friendly

  • Some users were unable to view the 3DS
    authentication page on their device
  • Actually see it as a security threat
  • Compatibility issues when the authentication process
    is conducted on mobile browsers
  • Users felt the extra step was unnecessary, and often
    got irritated by it to the point where they would quit the purchase
  • Authorization page loading speeds cause issues
    and frustration
  • Users are not always able to identify the authenticity of the popup window,
    which would often cause suspicion and result in transaction abandonment.

We are at the dawn of a new era

  • With the addition of an SDK component, comprehensive integration with mobile apps is
    now possible, allowing merchants to natively integrate 3D Secure into their mobile apps.
  • Merchants can ensure that the authentication process looks
    and feels consistent with the rest of the app
  • Dramatically increases the user experience on mobile devices, including
    non-browser based platforms and mobile integration
  • Biometric authentication whilst still in the merchant’s app it will
    likely just feel like a valid security measure
  • The merchant’s platform will only require additional authentication if the risk is high –
    that will happen in only a small percentage of the transactions
  • Authentication activity will be invisible to the cardholder
3D Secure 2 scheme

Did you know that...


70% of American users say security is
their biggest worry when making
mobile payments while


Mobile wallets expected to
become more popular than
debit and credit cards by 2020


50% of cybersecurity professionals are
sceptical about the safety of mobile


According to Visa, the enhanced 3DS
protocol (3D Secure 2) will reduce
card abandonment by 70% and
checkout times by 85%.

3d secure 2.0 IS ON THE WAY WITH:

3D Secure 2 frict-flow

Frictionless Flow Learn more

Frictionless Flow is perhaps the biggest improvement made to this 16 years old protocol. By performing risk-based authentication in the access control server (ACS), issuers are now able to approve a transaction without the need for input from the cardholder. That means no more annoying pop-up windows, and having to remember static passwords, removing friction from the checkout process; hence "frictionless flow".

Non-Payment Authentication Learn more

3D Secure 2.0 can be used for more than just online transactions. With the addition of "Non-payment authentication", the cardholder can be authenticated even without them making a purchase. This is extremely useful for adding credit cards to e-wallets (gone is the $1 charge just to validate your credit card!)

3D Secure 2 non-payment
3D Secure 2 mob-integration

Native Mobile Integration Learn more

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives, and consumers are increasingly shopping on their mobile devices. 3D Secure 2 has added a mobile SDK component, allowing merchants to natively integrate the 3D Secure process into their mobile apps, making the mobile checkout experience fast and seamless.